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Depression is nothing new we are talking about. Each one of us has faced it or keeps on facing it at some or other instant of time, but the depression which we go through is slightly different from what the depression is clinically defined as , and some of us have really faced that horrible truth. But let’s come out of the myth that depression means complete mental illness, no it does not be very clear about it.

Depression can be seen in every other person if we will focus on the regular activity of the one who is suffering though.

Depression is a small word which contains vast meaning and aspects in it. Age group that it is widely seen is teen ager and people above 45 and even above 60 is quite common.

Causes of clinical depression differ from person to person. In some cases a depressive episode can directly appear to come out of nowhere at an instant of time when every single thing seems to be going fine with that actual flow from days. but majorly at other hand, depression may be directly related to a significant particular event in our lives such as ,experiencing serious trauma, losing a loved one, , or battling a chronic illness may it be any random illness.

Risk factor of getting caught by depression is present in everybody with a massive amount of approximately 65%,but different factors are also present in each respective individual to resist himself from being depresses.

There are different factors which can push you up to the depression like any of the previous episode or he Heredity from any of the relative or ancestor who might have had bipolar disorder. Major symptoms which are a clear indicators that you might need to concern you doctor for being in depression are:

Symptom of depression

  • Insomnia;
  • Mood swing every now and then;
  • Intense and sudden Lack of interest in most activities (in activities that you previously enjoyed);
  • Being blue (feelings of sadness);
  • Thoughts of suicide;
  • Anxiety.


You firstly need to go to a counselor because sometimes words can prove to be more magical than any other medicine b, but our care takes in on this earth after god have developed some antidepressant which can work if taken in right and prescribed direction and that too with a positive attitude and optimistic thinking.

Anti depression do have major side effects that you might be able to face in your sexual or normal life so doe take them as candies of getting rid from depression because excess of even sugar can cause you diabetes


No different than others unique as some of the others, but it is supposedly an improvement of the older SNRI called Effexor.

Especially taken to minimize anxiety disorder, fibromyalgia, along with different types of musculoskeletal pain, remarkably in osteoarthritis, AND THERE ARE MANY MORE ANTIDEPRENTS AOME OF WHICH ARE LISTED BELOW:

Trazodone is widely and most commonly used to get sleep in case of less sleep in depression and there are many more such types of pill but it really affects adversely so do avoid them as soon as you can if you′re on these.

The most important treatment to get rid from you depression that you should take is ″you own self confidence″ so just regain it back and trust me you will soon be back to a peaceful life because mostly its jus a case of your sate that mind wants to be.