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Antidepressants are medicines with various structures that act via several mechanisms in the brain and alter the functioning of nerve cells and net that form the basis of depressive symptoms: moodiness, fatigue and lethargy, sleep and appetite disorders, negative thoughts, and poor concentration.

Their effect is achieved by changing the concentrations of serotonin and-or norepinephrine, and besides that, they activate brain cells and improve their vitality. Nowadays it is reasonably believed that the vitality of brain cells (neurons) in people with depression is endangered and if depression is not treated, death of brain cells is accelerated.

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Information about Antidepressants

Only psychoactive substances ("drugs") act immediately and within minutes create a jump of moods, will, and energy ("up"). If antidepressants would act this fast and with such force, they would do more damage than the benefit - people quickly buy elavil online become addicted to drugs, and depression could be deepened to the most horrific proportions because after the rapid increases of mood, soon crashed even through the deeper fall. Therefore, it should be known that the antidepressant are medications which have been carefully selected not to create addiction, to be gradually introduced to the therapy, to exert their effect only after a couple of weeks and that the effects which we expect of them (profound, not currently treatment of depression) absolutely outweigh the side effects that may be unfavorable to the patient.

The effect of antidepressants in the first week or two is not large, and that is why are usually given additional medicines to help relieve anxiety, fear, to facilitate sleep, and alleviate the uneasiness caused by depression (anxiolysis). But in the further course of treatment, already after 3 or 4 weeks it will be noticed that energy is growing, that thoughts are "lightening up" but there is still a phase of moodiness and indisposition and that they are temporary, not permanent. Thus, the antidepressant has started to act and symptoms of the disease will retreat until the therapy is maintained appropriately.

In the past decade, there have been many new antidepressants that are just as effective as the old but they have less side effects. Some of these drugs affect only one neurotransmitter the serotonin and are known as selective serotonin reception inhibitors (SSRI). These include fluoxetine, sertraline, fluvoxamine, paroxetine and citalopram.

Doctors choose the type of antidepressants based on individual symptoms. Some feel the improvement in the first few weeks, but usually, the medicine must be taken regularly 6 weeks in some cases up to 8 weeks in order to obtain the full therapeutic effect. If a change in the symptoms of low or absent signs in 6 to 8 weeks the doctor may prescribe another remedy or to add some to existing therapy, for example, lithium to boost initial antidepressant therapy. Since there is no way to know in advance whether the medicine will be effective in a person, the doctor must first rewrite the one and then the next if necessary. In order to give the medicine time to achieve the effect and to prevent people from slipping back into depression therapy takes 6 to 12 months, in some cases even longer with careful monitoring and instructions of doctors. When the doctor and the patient may get the impression that it is time to stop the treatment gradually begins with the suspension of the medicine. Never interrupt the treatment without consulting your doctor. For people who have had more depressive episodes, long-term medical therapy is the best way to prevent the occurrence of new ones.

The dosage of antidepressants varies depending on the type of drug and the organism of persons, age and sometimes weight loss. The usual practice is to start with small doses that increase over time to achieve the desired effect without the occurrence of adverse effects of the drug. Newer antidepressants can be initially dosed at full therapeutic dose.