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Posted on by Rafaela Filippidi

Thanks support for informative content and useful information. I ordered ABILIFY on the 06 of march. I received my package very quickly (13.03.2016). I begin to treat depression!!!

Posted on by Angela S.

Good afternoon! I decided to try to book a medication from the Internet, to be honest it did the first time)) And to be honest, I was surprised. Everything is very simple and clear. Good repairing materials, thank you!

Posted on by Erika E.

Buy Zoloft on this site, I want to share with you a review. Good preparation is very soft, very few side effects. Slightly invigorates, especially after a long reception. Proceed starts a very long time, but it works at 100%.

Posted on by John Rivera.

Good afternoon. I would like to get to know you on this site are presented pills for depression, it is a complete list of drugs that are available in your presence, or not? Will be updated list of medications?

Posted on by Admin answer for John Rivera.

Good day, John! This site is not submitted a complete list of pharmaceuticals for depression. Our site is intended for general guidance. To see a complete list of pharmaceuticals for depression, you need to go to the website of our pharmacy by clicking on the link at the top of the screen. At our pharmacy you will find not only a pill for depression, but also from other medicines for various diseases. Thank you for your review, stay tuned!

Posted on by Eva M.

Tormented by anxiety, almost every day, all the stress, sometimes so much rolls in the inside that it's difficult that a figure in the inside all the twists, the body as a strange breaks, weakness in the arms and legs, gait slowing and am feeling like going to fall, the voltage in the stomach, the desire to escape home collapsing in bed and did not see or hear. When it is impossible to tolerate accept 0.5 alprazolam (Xanax). Of all the bad habits are: smoke, a little move. Doctors say alarming depression, although when you describe your symptoms all the time it seems that you misunderstand the words and put inaccurate diagnosis. Assigned Lexapro, still can `t make a decision to accept or not, but look farther the worse. If there is such a state, share, write!

Posted on by Liza Pink.

Nowadays, almost every second person is under stress. I initially thought I could cope on their own. It has become a little less work, trying Therefore more rest. However, my condition only worsened. Energy was not completely, went in a depressed state. But after the recommendation of a neurologist Therefore began taking the drug Celexa, the state is completely changed. First, the energy returned, I decided it was time to start to play sports. And, then, gradually, and all the other symptoms receded.

Posted on by Tony Miranda.

Has anyone tried to imagine the drug Celexa, that cann't say about him?

Posted on by Alex Furman.

My wife saw after delivery Celexa. Very good preparation.

1. Antidepressant last generation. Serotonin.

2. Indicated for depression pan. disorder, phobias (agoraphobia).

3. With respect to many - of the lungs, with fewer side effects, is almost there.

4. Thick, few have reduced libido.

5. If necessary, allowed during pregnancy in women.

6. Relatively quickly begins to act.

7. The active substance is citalopram (if not confusing).

Posted on by Onika Ostin.

Good day! Does anyone have a problem with schizophrenia? The lichilis? Which drugs are best help? About that Seroquel can follow any responses to say? Please help, thanks in advance)

Posted on by Mary Beanes.

Hey. I wanted to ask, please tell me. What do you need in the early step of depression? I have the oschuenie that the husband starts from the depression problems at work ... Can prompt light drugs for treatment, prior to the development of the disease.

Posted on by HawaianGirl.

I saw Paxil. Without the truth, but he helped me a lot. The only thing was a very strong withdrawal symptoms, both my doctor, which I attended, he said that Paxil is not addictive and you can throw it immediately, which I did, there's something me and twisted, had to take them back and give up gradually. By the way, even in the same statement it says that Paxil addiction causes. A friend took Paxil abruptly canceled and no trouble was not, no withdrawal.

Posted on by Gloria26.

In general, "Elavil", as a rule, is designed for long-term treatment with the use of tablets in different doses 3 times a day. I also drank on this scheme. But for myself, I decided that it was too much. And I limited myself to one pill at night. In spite of the fact that amitriptyline is quite an old drug (that's why there are a lot of criticism about it), but still knows its business. It soothes the nervous system, leads to feelings, helps to cope with depression. Has a weak hypnotic effect, that's why I take it for the night.

Posted on by Savic.

I read a lot about the withdrawal syndrome after taking antidepressants, tell me which drug to choose, what would not have been this?

Posted on by Mike Flawor.

Zoloft - this is the drug (as well as other drugs from the group of antidepressants) before the application of which is preceded by a long and sad story of throwing at the doctors, not wanting to live, etc. Who was in a similar situation (and if you were not in it, you would not have read the review), he knows what it is.

Posted on by Valentina Velallaskes.

I've been living in hell for 8 years ... I've been tormented by panic attacks, and their consequence was terrible agoraphobia. Years of torment ... From the house did not go out for months and constant anxiety, fear itself I do not know what. In the end, I still decided to go to a psychiatrist. There he explained to me the causes of my ailments and prescribed a course of treatment with antidepressants. The doctor to me has written out just antidepressant Zoloft. This drug just pulled me out of the swamp. The process was lengthy. Do not flatter yourself that Zoloft will help you instantly. It is necessary to drink a full course to see a positive result. At the beginning of taking pills, I had discomfort and aggravation of all signs of panic attacks: anxiety increased, pressure jumps and heart beat were tortured, but I did not give up. All this could be experienced. A week later, when the body adapted to taking the medicine, it became much better. And after the end of the reception Zoloft I felt happy. In my life again came joy, fears went away. I began to live anew. But of course it is not necessary to seduce, that after one course of treatment everything will pass without a trace. There are both ups and downs when the aggravation begins again. Therefore, antidepressants, similar to Zoloft, I take two times a year.

Posted on by Nika Ballero.

I hope that my feedback to someone can help. To me about one year ago have appointed or nominated PAXIL and one more preparation-somnolent. I was terribly scared to think about the future when I looked on the Internet to read about antidepressants. I will not describe in detail what happened to me, but it was the worst period of my life. I write this because once I got into a difficult situation myself, I was afraid to read reviews on different sites, I was afraid that there would be a dependence on the drug PAXIL, but I had no choice, because I was very ill and without tablets I would not became. If you are reading this comment, my advice to you is, close the Internet, do not look for information here, and find a good doctor who will prescribe the drug you need, do not be afraid to tell your family about the problem, explain everything to them, they will help you. If you are really bad, then this is unlikely to pass, do not pull with it. But in no case do not self-medicate. First of all, I had problems with sleeping, I tried various sleeping pills, but nothing helped me, I did not understand that with me, I did not even know what kind of doctor to contact, because I never faced such a problem, but still I really wanted to return to normal, I found the strength to look for a doctor. Do not wind yourself, do not read about what other people have there, but listen to professionals, because all people have different diseases, their own characteristics and each patient needs an individual treatment plan. I was really lucky, I got to a wonderful psychotherapist who helped me get out of my condition. Paxil really helped me. It was very scary, and after a two-week reception it seemed that there was no hope, but on the days of 21-25 days I felt the first improvement. Now I still drink this drug, but in minimal doses, after lowering the dose I felt good. I can firmly say that I have returned to my former state and are feeling well. There should not be any dependence on PAXIL if it is correctly taken, it's a medicine, not a drug. And I want to say, do not worry about trifles, be more bold, persevere, do not wind yourself, do not regret anything, if something does not suit you, depresses, annoys, fight with it, change something, do not wait every time a miracle, create your own day and your life yourself. Go in for sports, yes it's hard, but it really helps and almost all diseases. Good luck, believe me, you will succeed!

Posted on by Daniella Future.

After the birth of my second child, I had depression and the doctor appointed Celexa. My husband bought a prescription, brought, and I immediately began to drink. The effect did not come immediately, in a week or even a little more. Tasteless like, but my taste perception was dulled for about three years. Just ordinary tablets, in the usual packaging, but a little oblong and divide in half, so you can start with the halves. I carry in my purse with myself and drink to the doctor's prescription. At first I got used to it for a long time, there were strong effects, up to darkness in the eyes and dizziness with loss of orientation. I took an addictive month, my mother sat with me. Then it became better, I calmed down, became adequate. I was able to look after children properly. The only thing is that thirst never went away. I can recommend, because it helped me.

Posted on by Alina Maybah.

Zoloft was prescribed by a neurologist after a course of preparations for blood vessels (Mexiprem, Emoxipine, Cytoflavin). Zoloft is an antidepressant, but there was no terrible and frightening diagnosis of depression. The doctor conducted his usual examination, tapped with a hammer and voiced a verdict, they say, absorbing all the negative, like a sponge, and so it is impossible, it ruins the nervous system and the body as a whole. At first it was terrible to drink Zoloft, there was no desire to buy it, but I wanted to bring the treatment to the end, otherwise what's the point. The decisive word was said by a familiar nurse who was doing intramuscular injections of vascular drugs, approved the appointment and said that these are effective pills. Recommendations of the doctor for admission - in the morning one tablet. The reception of Zoloft is not tied to the reception of food, it is convenient, but on an empty stomach to drink tablets, too, there is no desire, probably, it is optimal to drink them after breakfast or during the morning meal. During the intake of antidepressants, it is forbidden to drink alcohol, this does not apply specifically to Zoloft, but to all such preparations. But after taking these pills, there were some side effects - severe drowsiness all day and throughout the course of treatment by Zoloft, so I would advise drivers to refrain or watch the body's reaction, as well as a stool, that's all, and I would say, that this is a variant of "light", because the list of side effects of tablets really scares, for each body a separate list. Knowingly the doctor when wrote out the prescription recommended the instruction not to read, especially side effects of Zoloft. After 3 weeks a second examination with a doctor, but because of his loaded schedule, the reception took place after 5 weeks. Well, Zoloft was not re-appointed, only two more medications, both for the vessels of the brain. And Zoloft did not leave behind any negative consequences, which could be feared. The full course of treatment gave good results, let's hope that at least half a year will be enough. Shelf life is 5 years. Zoloft I would still recommend drinking, it's important to take into account your personal reaction to the drug, not someone else's, because even at different times the same tablets can have different effects, what can we say about different people.

Posted on by Victoria Malback.

Take only on the advice of a doctor. My brother has schizophrenia. He lay in hospitals, he was treated with our usual medications. There are a lot of unpleasant side effects from them. One doctor appointed abilifay (he is not prescribed free of charge). This medicine came to my brother. He has been taking it for 5 years already. His condition is stable. But there are a lot of side effects. One must be very careful with this medicine. It may not suit everyone!1!

Posted on by ADMIN.

On behalf of the site administration and the network of our pharmacies, we want to congratulate our visitors and regular customers on the New 2019 Year! We wish you all the best, good health and the brightest days! Thank you for choosing us!