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Facts about Depression | Interesting facts about Male Depression

Striking Facts about Depression

The first thing one should do being diagnosed with depression is to calm down and relax. It is definitely an unpleasant and difficult condition, though it is treatable and the last things you can cure it with are nerves. So, have patience to read the article till the end and learn a multitude of useful and effective tips to forget about this problem.

  • So, what is depression? Is that a physical or psychological issue? What causes its appearance? Can it be treated without medications? The answers to this and many other questions can be found here.

First of all, it′s important to mention that depression is a mood disorder that leads to indifference, low spirits and loss of interest to life and people around. The condition is a many-sided problem and the reasons are usually both mental and physical. Apart from the bad mood a person will also suffer from diverse health and emotion problems. A person loses even a desire to live; everything becomes trivial and not even worth trying. Talking about reasons, depression can be caused even by the smallest details, though everything depends on the person. However, experiencing depression is the most devastating life period. The health condition is not about bare chemical brain imbalance, it is much deeper. It may also require tedious and durable treatment, including psychiatrist′s help, changing the lifestyle and even taking antidepressants. A doctor can prescribe some medicines and give general recommendations, but the changes remain for you. The final result is the conclusion of your desire, work and activities. Medicines can improve the situation, though they decrease only symptoms, but don′t cure the issue. Antidepressants, being an effective way out, sometimes cause serious, destroying side effects.

Though it sounds not very encouraging, there is a way out of this trouble and it is extremely simple to follow if you bear the aim in mind. Balance all the methods mentioned earlier, including the change of the daily routines, beginning of medical treatment, etc.

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How to forget about depression once and for all? Read all the instruction here, opt for a few most interesting for you and constantly follow them, and within a month you will not be able to define depression.

  • Change your lifestyle, reconsider your everyday activities and try to manage a fundamentally different plan. Such a difference will produce a preferable effect and let you forget about former troubles. As depression is mainly a psychical condition, you should do everything possible to balance your mood and become a happy and satisfied person.
  • Set goals and achieve them. This principle will inspire you to live and enjoy the wonderful world around. An increased responsibility rate will also provide an instructive lesson to concentrate and do your work exclusively.
  • Consult the doctor and start medical treatment. In more complicated cases, when a person cannot cope alone, it is important to get doctor′s supervision. Antidepressants are also widespread tools.
  • Suppress negative thoughts nourishing positive. Fighting depression the great part of treatment is in mental change. Dispel negative ideas and start thinking positively. It will give you the inspiration to work, be active and notice positive things around.
  • Remember the rule: healthy food, sufficient sleep and exercising will do the best for your health. Remember the proverb: A sound mind in a sound body? So, accept it as an inevitable part of your life. Take care of your body and your mind, exercise to reduce stress and get enough sleep to feel fresh and full of life. This complex route will make wonders you have never expected from such simple and usual things.

In conclusion, remember, that depression can only strike you, but not overcome. It is powerful, but you are stronger. Accept the challenge and win the battle. Show yourself as a strong willed person ready to change your life and grow both mentally and emotionally. Keep a notice of the given recommendations, and you will see the first results in a split second.

Interesting facts about Male Depression

For many of those who have not experienced it on their own skin, depression is associated with the image of a whiner, a slobber and a loafer who is always whining and crying out for pity. And if it is sometimes excusable for a woman, and sometimes even romantic, then for a man from whom our culture demands inflexibility and invulnerability— it is a shame, in fact, a sickle blow in the balls. And they often hide depression even from themselves. I hope a small memo will help you — or a close man - to notice that something is wrong and ask for help in time.

Women are diagnosed with depression twice as often as men. In large part because women go to doctors more often and it's easier to tell when something is wrong with them. It is possible that in fact women suffer from depression more often.

Men are characterized by "depression without sadness", when depression, lethargy, longing and sadness, which in everyday language, by the way, are called depression, are absent or poorly expressed, but irritability and anger, obsessions, sleep disorders, loss of appetite, decreased self-confidence and vague bodily ailments come to the fore.

About bodily ailments, that is, somatization of depression. These are headaches, back and joint pain, chest pain, pressure surges, nausea, digestive disorders. Very often men do not suspect that the cause of these ailments should be sought in the head, and not in the trunk.

Another frequent somatic effect deserves a separate point. This is a sharp decrease in libido, sometimes accompanied by erectile dysfunction. For male self-esteem, this is detrimental, which means it fuels depression; we get a self-sustaining process, a vicious circle. The other extreme is sexual promiscuity, a kind of libertinage that brings anything but joy.

Men react differently to depression. Not cakes, but alcohol, not tears, but aggression, not crawling into a shell, but manic immersion in work, hobbies or computer games. Due to the fact that depression often makes men drown it in a bottle, or even drown it out with even more serious substances, it can be difficult to figure out where the egg is, where the chicken is: depression is caused by drunkenness or was its consequence.

Depression in men often develops as part of post-traumatic stress disorder - simply because it is men who fight, catch criminals, extinguish fires and rescue victims of natural disasters, work in dangerous jobs where they encounter accidents at work.

Women pronounce depression - sobbing on social networks and on the breasts of girlfriends, although they cannot replace the help of a specialist, they have an undoubted therapeutic effect. Men swallow it in silence, and it corrodes them from the inside. Yes, there is one more circumstance that makes it difficult to seek professional help: the vast majority of counseling psychologists are women. And talking about deeply personal and painful things with a person of the opposite sex is not that difficult for many, but absolutely impossible.

Women with depression live, although poorly, men die. The suicide rate among men is higher than among women almost all over the world, with the exception of just a few countries. In Russia — six times, in America - four times. The age peaks of male suicides associated with depression occur in adolescence and old age.

Perhaps all these differences have not only social, but also genetic roots. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh have found 19 chromosomal sites associated with a form of major depressive disorder. But only three of them had this relationship significant for both sexes, and the remaining 16 were specific for men or women.