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What is anxiety and how to treat it?

Anxiety - coping with the disease together

There are very few conditions that can be as debilitating as anxiety and even the mildest cases can lead to serious depression and stress. Anxiety is a very broad subject and there are all kinds of ways in which it will manifest. In this article, we are going to be talking about those different types of anxiety and what you can do in order to get treatment that proves to be effective.

We all feel anxiety and nervousness at some point, but when this turns into something that makes it hard for us to lead normal lives, that is when it becomes a problem that requires professional help. There are several ways in which anxiety will manifest and we are going to list some of the most common.

Panic disorder

This is a very serious problem that makes people experience sudden terror and helplessness without any kind of warning and for no specific reason. This can include sweats, chest pain and even irregular beating of the heart. This is a very frightening experience because the person experiencing it can often confuse this with a heart attack.

Social anxiety disorders

This can be a very problematic form of anxiety that can make it hard for people to feel comfortable in large crowds if speaking in public. This can also get to the point of making people feel panic overwhelmed by tasks that are as simple as walking around in the streets without feeling anxious.


Any kind of phobia is also going something that can be considered an anxiety disorder. If you have an irrational fear of a specific animal that might be completely harmless or if you find yourself being so terrified of fire or heights that you avoid any situation in which you have to face that fear, you are definitely facing an anxiety disorder and this needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Irrational fears can be extremely debilitating and they can turn you into a person that is afraid of being involved in all kinds of social activities.

Treatments for anxiety

There are many treatments for anxiety that need to be prescribed based on the severity of the condition, but the first recommended treatments are to meditate, exercise and to learn proper relaxation techniques. This is usually going to help a person get rid of mild anxiety, but when the problem gets difficult to handle, the use of prescription drugs is usually necessary. The use of Valium, Xanax, Ativan and Klonopin is quite common when people have serious anxiety problems and are unable to calm themselves through meditation and counseling. These are drugs that have considerable side effects and they should only be taken when anxiety reaches levels that are impossible to control by other means.

You should never take any of these drugs without proper diagnosis being given first. The use of any kind of drug for the treatment of anxiety should always be the last resort. The use of natural treatment and meditative practices will be recommended at first to see the kind of results they provide.


Anxiety can be a problem that takes hold of people and makes their daily routines almost impossible to handle without issues. The biggest problem with anxiety is that it can strike anyone at any moment even when they are usually calm and have no specific reason for feeling anxious or getting panic attacks. This is the moment when most people need to be able to look for professional attention and this is going to allow them to get the best possible results.