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Active Ingredient: Paroxetine

Paxil is used for treating depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). It may be used to treat panic disorder or posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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Antidepressant "Paxil": Reviews of Doctors

Perhaps one of the most famous group of antidepressants selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors for - a Paxil (Paroxetine). That he preferred by many because it is able to deal with stress and with anxiety states, that is, to cope with all kinds of widespread depression as well as panic attacks or social phobia.

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In today's market of medicines "Paxil" patient testimonials - proof, can be found only in the form of tablets that are designed for indoor reception. In view of this conventional round tablets white, film-coated, slightly convex on both sides. Variety range only in that there is on the package 10, 30 or one hundred pieces.

Operating Structure

Regardless of how a packaging of pills you choose in each tablet 20 mg of active substance - Paroxetine. Not without ancillary components such as calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, and others.

As "Paxil" acts on a person suffering from depression or panic attacks?

As already mentioned, Paxil, reviews the doctors confirm it, is capable of selectively (ie, selectively) to block the uptake of serotonin, and the result of this action is an antidepressant effect or anti-anxiety. That is why this drug is used only in this area.

Paxil, reviews the doctors about it very often found it a lifeline for people who are depressed and suicidal thoughts are persecuted. As practice shows, this drug will cope even if other medicines that have previously been taken by the patient, were powerless. By the way, it is recommended to take prevention of depression relapse.

But if a person suffers a panic state character, Paxil (Paroxetine) (instructions for use, references and recommendations of physicians confirm it) is best taken only in combination with a nootropic medications or tranquilizers, which prescribe a doctor.

Why do so many prescribe it "Paxil"? Because this is the drug that will act as a sleep aid per person, while it does not degrade the quality of sleep, that is, no additional tools used do not have to get rid of such effects. Although if the patient has trouble sleeping, your doctor can decide whether to receive these drugs in combination.

Paxil, reviews of doctors talking about it does not affect the activity of the brain, which is very important, that is, his work is not suppressed. During the reception of the drug will not be observed blood pressure drops or changes in the rate of contraction of the heart.

How quickly you will notice the results of the drug?

If we talk about really important, clearly visible effect on the application, it can be seen already in the second week of receiving the drug. And if we talk about sustainable action, practitioners see in their patients after two full weeks of treatment.

Let us consider in detail the indications for use

We've already figured out that "Paxil" required in case of problems in mental health. To be more precise, it is prescribed for the following symptoms and diseases:

  • Depression. Wherein depression of any kind, including those that are accompanied by anxiety.
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder. These are conditions in which a person has an overwhelming desire to deal with problems that may arise.
  • Panic disorder type. "Paxil" patient feedback confirm helps even with such disorders, accompanied by the fear of open spaces.
  • Social phobia. Today, social phobia, many attribute to themselves, seeing it merely as a little nervousness on the understanding that will need to speak in public. This social phobia is much more serious and brings the patient a lot of worries and problems, that's why with such a diagnosis may prescribe Paxil.

- If a patient is diagnosed daily anxiety or generalized anxiety disorder, it may also assign these agents.

- If a person has depression before or he experienced severe stress, it can also impute antidepressant "Paxil", reviews of the treatment it is this means in most cases positive.

Of course, such a preparation can not act as the main element of the treatment, and like supports. it will always be taken in post-traumatic stress only for the purpose of treatment.

Let's talk about the correct application

As the average dose for 24 hours - 20 mg, is often credited with taking only one tablet per day. It is important to know that the tablet should be swallowed whole without crushing it in front of the reception and in any case not chewing.

Paxil online, instructions for use, real practitioners of this caution must be taken before that time, until they are all symptoms of the disease cropped. The most common course of treatment lasts for more than one month in each individual case it is necessary only to listen to the recommendations of the attending specialist who will monitor the recovery process and promptly decide on the termination of therapy.

When depression

For example, in depression, paxil in accordance with the recommendations of doctors, used at least two to three weeks on a tablet a day, after which it will be possible to begin to evaluate the results of such treatment. If the doctor deems improve unreasonable, it may increase the daily dosage rate of the drug. The maximum dose is 50 mg per day. You should know that the dosage is increased very slowly - only 10 mg per week and under the constant supervision of the treating specialist. If after the first increase in drug dosage was taken for more than seven days and improve invisible or unobtrusive, perhaps increasing the dosage again. It is important to regularly evaluate the effectiveness of "Paxil" in time to stop treatment until the patient does not appear addictive to the drug.

The average course of treatment can last from 4 to 12 months, as already mentioned, for each individual case your chosen course of treatment. After that begins the gradual withdrawal of the drug Paxil.

When panic disorders

The fact that panic disorder is very effective, "Paxil", doctors reviews confirm. In such diseases, the average rate of the dosage is 40 mg per day. The maximum may be 60 mg per 24 hours. As with depression, an increase in dosage can begin after two to three weeks of use, which did not give significant results, and only 10 mg per week. For children the dosage is much less in such diseases, it will be from 20 to 30 mg per day. The maximum allowed children to prescribe 50 mg per day. The drug begins with 10 mg per day and the dosage increased as once a week at 10 mg.

In such diseases treatment lasts an average of 4-8 months. After starting a gradual withdrawal of the drug.

The correct reception with social phobia

The symptoms of social phobia perfectly cropped when receiving 20 mg per day for adults and 10 mg per day, children and adolescents. Begin to make in such cases, the drug "Paxil" (reviews of physicians and patients themselves confirm this) with 10 mg after dosing increased by 10 mg once a week. Once the physician confirms that the dose is sufficient to treat, it will not increase until the end of treatment. The average course lasts 4 months, although there are many cases where it was necessary to 10 months.

Anxiety disorders and "Paxil"

Instructions, doctors reviews point out that the majority of patients 8 months of treatment is sufficient to completely overcome generalized anxiety disorder. Most often enough dosage of 20 mg per 24 hours, although it may need to be increased to 50 mg (still at 10 mg per week dosage increases, no more).

Stress disorders, including post-traumatic

One tablet per day at such disease is sufficient for most patients. The maximum dose allowed in these cases, 50 mg, it can be increased to once a week to 10 mg. When such problems pill "Paxil", reviews of physicians about this can often be found helping for 4-7 months.

The correct cancellation

Reviews fallen into dependence on "Paxil" suggest that if you do not adhere to these rules, you can seriously damage your health. So, "Paxil" - this is the drug that requires a slow and gradual abolition. Schematic sequence of actions:

  • Final dosage size is reduced to 10 mg or more per week to take the drug according to a new dosage;
  • Each week you need to reduce the dose to poltabletki or 10 mg up to that time, until you reach a dosage of 20 mg, in that the amount of medication you need to take a week, and after that to completely abandon it.

What if you or your doctor notice the deterioration of what began to undo the drug Paxil? Reviews of the best contemporary experts in such cases it is recommended to restore the previous dosage of drugs, drink in such quantities has 2 or 3 weeks, and then again to start the process of cancellation. If necessary, reduce the dose by poltabletki or 10 mg may be once every three weeks, as long as removal of the drug did not cause harm to the patient's health to improve.

Can I take a drug to pregnant women or nursing mothers?

Experiments in animals have not shown any changes or adverse effects from taking this drug, or pregnant women, no changes were observed in either the female or the fetus.

But clinical studies confirm that taking such a dangerous drug in the first trimester of pregnancy, as it increases the risk of birth defects and heart defects.

If the mother received during the third trimester Paroxetine side effects (responses doctors confirm it) were expressed in the form of an unstable temperature, problems with feeding the baby, increased reflexes, and so on. D. Such complications are 5 times more likely to have mothers who took this drug than those mothers who did not take it.

If we talk about men, the study found that "Paxil (Paroxetine)" is also able to reduce the quality of sperm, so it should be postponed when using this drug for the treatment of conceiving a child. Changes in sperm will address shortly after the complete abolition of the use of drugs, it was already necessary to begin to plan pregnancy.

Does Paxil (Paroxetine) effect on the ability to drive a car or operate other arrangements?

As the monitoring of patients who are treated with this drug is no change, deterioration of ability to drive or operate machinery have not been observed. Still, people should listen to himself, and if there is a sense of degradation, should abandon such actions.

What do the doctors say overdose?

As shown previously conducted experiments, to observe the side effects of this drug can be used only if the tablets 100 to take the same time. Overdose will be expressed in the form of a significant expansion of the pupils, severe vomiting and increase the level of anxiety. In this case, the patient should immediately wash the stomach and leave under the supervision of specialists.

Death from "Paxil" was observed only in the case of its combination with psychotropic drugs, which could not interact with it. Paxil and spirits, reviews confirm it is also a deadly cocktail of non-compliance with the dosage of the first and second component. Moreover, it should be understood that even though quite a bit to drink alcohol if you are taking this medication, such action will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment to zero. It is also possible that the efforts of the side effects from taking this drug if you regularly consume alcohol, even in small quantities.

What is most often observed at canceling?

Sometimes patients develop "withdrawal syndrome", with "Paxil" is also possible. So, during withdrawal is from this medication may experience:

  • Feeling dizzy;
  • Minor sleep disturbances;
  • Brief periods of confusion;
  • Regular nausea, which is impossible to remove the right diet or special preparations;
  • Sweating hands or body in general;
  • Sometimes (very rarely), diarrhea are observed.

Often, some of the above symptoms is observed only in the first days of drug withdrawal, since this is really a small stress to the body to which he was not ready. Also, similar effects may be people who missed medication (several pills in a row), or drink alcohol. Experts say that the withdrawal will last a maximum of two weeks, and no specific treatment for this patient does not need is just to live through this period in order to return to a normal life without these medicines. That is why it is necessary to cancel the drug is described step by step.

Are there any contraindications?

Paxil (Paroxetine) is not indicated for children under 18 years old for the treatment of depressive states. Also it is not recommended to use for children who have not yet reached the age of seven years. Before use, should carefully review the list of excipients to make sure that you do not have individual sensitivity to them.

And a couple of words about the drug

Paxil earned positive reviews from the majority of patients who take it. As experts say, the negative reviews this drug can only get in the way. If the person or his doctor has not adhered to the instructions for use. If you take these pills without a doctor's prescription, you can seriously damage your health or become dependent on antidepressants. Experts recommend taking the drug combined with regular visits to a psychologist and a strict adherence to the guidelines and recommendations. To treatment process gave better results completely give up drinking alcohol, even in small doses.