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Running & Exercise and Depression

As the great Horace: "If you do not run, while healthy, will have to run when sick."

Running and exercise all help with any depression (regardless of severity). Although, it is a double edged sword - exercise really give buy meldonium online power, but where do we get the power to proceed to thereby exercise?

When the soul is empty and cold and dark outside and minus 20 °, incredibly difficult to get out from under the blanket, take the ice floor, put on sneakers and running. It's easy to promise yourself every day to do exercises, but much harder to actually do it. If even in the normal state is hardly one of the hundreds decided to go to this "feat", what can we say about a person who is depressed.

But the fact remains - any physical activity increases production of endorphins, resulting in improved mood. According to many psychiatrists - Regular jogging is not less effective than psychotherapy or antidepressants. And the improvement comes not only from changes in the biochemical processes - at regular employment is gradually changing attitude towards him, increasing self-confidence.

Some Experimentation Playing Sports with Depression.

Not long ago, an experiment was conducted, examining the impact of running and exercise on depression. The subjects (people suffering from depression) were divided into three groups. The first group took antidepressants, the second - jogging and exercise for half an hour three times a week, and the third - has combined both methods. After 4 months of significant improvements were observed in more than half of the subjects in all three groups. But ten months of depression symptoms reappeared in 30%, taking medications, 40% - to exercise and only 10%, combining the above.

Another study showed that fifteen-minute jog relieves tension more effectively than 400 milligrams of tranquilizers.

Star of world size, Dr. Kenneth Cooper, better known as the author of the now classic "Aerobics", told about a man who suffered from frequent heart attacks. Doctors, despite numerous surveys, could not find a physical cause for the disease. But, anyway, heart attacks, cases with unenviable regularity were the most that neither is true. While medicine is still little known about the so-called masked depression, which can be easily masked by any physical illness.

Running and depression attacks continued over the years, treatment failure among different doctors have plunged this person is depressed, it became increasingly think about how to stop the pain once and for all. And he decided to commit suicide. Because he had a wife and children, he wanted to commit suicide so that no one had thought that it was obvious suicide. And one evening he went out into the street and ran quickly. He hoped that his weak heart would not stand such a heavy load. He ran for a long time, until then, until it fell completely exhausted. But, oddly enough, the heart could bear, and he died. After a while he came to himself and made his way home, but the thought of suicide has not left him. The next day, determined to die, he tried again. But the heart has stood at this time.

Since there was nothing to save him - he was to continue to run every day. After a while he noticed that his feelings begin to change. A feeling of heaviness, despair, discouragement, which have become commonplace, began to fade. He stopped thinking about death - he wanted to live again. A few months later, he ran a fairly long distance, and heart bothered him less and less. Of course, on the one hand, this story tells about the healing of a particular disease - masking depression, something similar to the parable, but on the other hand - hardly an authority, as Kenneth Cooper, will tell a fable for entertainment respectable public.

How to Relieve the Pain in Muscles after Workouts

If after exercising you do not hurt, it means that during a workout you did not try. But if you are doing well in 1-2 days after your workout muscle pain appear. This phenomenon is quite natural: the muscles are sore because they worked. In those cases, when the pain in the muscles brings severe discomfort, you can try to reduce it.

Muscle pain after exercise is less intense, if before playing sports, you will be given the time to pre-warm. Warm up your muscles work much better, in addition, it reduces the chance of injury.

Completing the training also needs properly. The best option - perform stretching exercises. Instead, you can just relax, calm the breath and cool down after a workout. This is particularly important during the cold season before going out.

The next day to get rid of pain in the muscles can help still the same physical activity. Just not as intense as during exercise. Run, for example, a few gentle exercise of its regular program or make a simple fifteen-minute charge. Very good relieves pain in the swimming muscles.

Good tool, helps to relieve muscle pain is massage and rubbing special creams. In addition, muscle pain can be significantly reduced after a hot bath (especially with sea salt) or soul.

If the training you are suffering from night cramps in the legs, you will need to make up for a lack of fluid. Every day, drink enough water, it will save you from cramps and reduce muscle pain after exercise.

Severe pain in the muscles can be removed using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs on the basis of ibuprofen. However, the abuse of drugs is not worth taking, since they adversely affect the stomach.

A Bit of Personal Experience

During severe depression - running was the only means by which emerge from the depression, at least for a while. Immediately recall the sparse gray morning, similar to each other like raindrops, a complete lack of physical and mental strength ... Often there is a solid night attitude and persistent ringing of the alarm clock were useless and frustrated jogging. But if you still managed to get over the total indifference and steel himself, then during the run with every step there were forces, the head gradually became clean and clear. After jogging depressive feelings significantly decreased, although this effect was rather short-lived - depression back in a couple of hours. But, nevertheless - it is better to do something than to do nothing.

It may not be the best method of combining running or exercise with sleep deprivation. Usually, during the sleep deprivation period, when there are power and decrease symptoms of depressionoccurs in the early morning. So it is very logical to use this time to run or charge. On the other hand, at the time of deprivation, it is desirable to deal with than the active to fall asleep (thereby negating the effect of the whole technique), and running in this instance can be a good remedy for sleep.

Running Long Distances

Anyone who experienced deep depression knows that at this time of constant companions are negative thoughts. Trying to get rid of them - more than a futile exercise - thoughts will seep through any action, not giving focus and taking away their last forces. But there is one good way - it is running over long distances. For some it may be a means of this panacea. No need to be a marathon runner - with the right attitude a person can run for a long time. The main thing is to focus entirely on the process of running and just watch. Sensations arising from this can be very similar to the sensations during meditation, as if the whole world is moving, and you're standing still. No need to strain, just be present in the race, feel what's going on with your body, breath. It should be noted that after a while there is a sense of limits, appear appropriate thought: "all ... can not go ...". But this is not true - if you do not stop and continue to run on, just watching their feelings, this barrier disappears, opens a second wind, reappear force. This race - a kind of deception of the mind, at this time it does not have time to habitual thoughts - the mind is occupied entirely different.

Appealing to my own experience, I say that so you can run for 20-25 kilometers. And sometimes running over long distances, even helped to get out of a depressive stupor. The main thing - to make the first step and to overcome the crises of transition, which will surely arise in the course of the run. Of course, to run for long distances should proceed only after several months of normal jogging, unless, of course, the true motives are not the same person with the motives of the story told by Kenneth Cooper.

Yes, in the morning so desperately did not want to get up. Inside sticky fear. You lie, you think the final seconds, when about to tingle once again have failed ahead Service and will need to run. Escape into the world. Tired. There is no strength to get up. But you can. The most difficult - is to make the first step...