There is a Depression in Cats?

The answer to this interesting question is positive: Yes, it happens. Of mental balance cat may knock the change in daily routine, to which she was accustomed, or the feeling of loneliness. She experiences stress, and when a stranger appears at home, as well as in any other situation, if she feels that she is in danger. The sufferer (sorry, cats going through a lot silently) walks with a missing eye, stops eating, and to wash, starts bad to navigate, even in familiar surroundings.

From time to time it is a negative mental discharge: cute fluffy creature demonstrates behavior that is unacceptable in human understanding (“Oh, what a nightmare!”), – scratch, bite and irrigates the urine that is handy, for example untouchable Persian carpet. An unexpected change in the cat’s “personality” can be a symptom of one of many diseases. However, if the veterinarian will rule out all possible physiological causes of the new state, then you can be sure: your pussy is going through a nervous crisis. What is the cause of such deviations from the norm?

In search of an answer to this question, let’s remember who are cats and how they like to live. Some of them, as in the good old days, lead a real cat’s life: walk through the stables and gardens, explore the neighborhood, protect their territory, exposed to natural hormonal cycle. Home run only to eat and warm tired limbs. Then again go about their business, following the secret, they are a well-known trails. These lucky people, who behave in accordance with their nature, never face the problem of existence in the world. With them and in them all flows naturally.

Living conditions in the big city radically changed the old style of cat life. Fans of these animals (and their cities getting bigger) out of a desire to protect Pets from danger and the sense of responsibility for unregulated reproduction put them under house arrest. Fluffy little rascal has a guaranteed sofa for rookery and a bowl full of tidbits that do not need to produce their own, but it lacks the most important in life-freedom. What is to be surprised when the “prisoner” literally squeaks his teeth, seeing that the window glass separates him from the world. Cat falls into the clutches of unbearable boredom. People who perceive Pets in their own, human categories, make a serious mistake. For example, they do not understand what it means for a small predator to be unable to hunt.

Hunting is a fundamental need of every “domestic tiger”. Dissatisfaction in this sphere of life often leads to nervous disorders. How can you keep your mental balance if you can’t climb roofs, sit on fences and climb trees? How not to succumb to sadness when you are doomed to a monotonous life in four walls, without entertainment, without a single mouse or at least a moth for fishing? How not to die of boredom, when there is nothing to do but to meet with home appliances-incomprehensible devices and household appliances that can not be scratched, and when constantly driven away from the most interesting place – the kitchen?

Unless the cat is interesting, fun to watch with the owner of the Mexican television series or with the owner – the next match “Spartak – the champion!”? Boredom becomes a source of various incidents. Due to the lack of a real daily portion of physical and mental stress, the animal has only one goal of interest – the moving legs of the owners. “Home tiger” quietly creeps up hides, crouches to the floor, and then sudden surge rushes to “production” (master’s thigh, calf, ankle), and often with a wild cry. Then instantly disappears.

People don’t tolerate such antics, asking his players an earful. And in vain. After all, what, in their opinion, it is unacceptable for a cat is perfectly normal. Inattentive owners do not understand: this behavior is a symptom of mental illness of the animal, devoid of natural stimulating factors and so necessary physical activity.

Watch your pet. Cats usually behave with dignity, restraint. However, even the most balanced “personality” must from time to time defuse the accumulated tension. Those of them who live in freedom, carry out their “wild dance” over the caught victim – affect the excitement and joy.

He has to release the accumulated energy during his “five minutes of madness.” Calm Murka suddenly transformed into a real fury-flying around the apartment, like a witch in the broom, disguised tail rushes to the obstacles, riding on the carpet, jumps on the windowsill, one jump reaches the sofa and paused for a moment, instantly unfolds-the bullet flies out of the room. Then he calms down and from the terrible Gorgon turns into a balanced Mrs. Hutson. Let’s say you’ve already begun to understand that your four-legged is depressed. What should be done in this case? You can refer to the tablets and powders. Cats, by the way, the fit of the drugs used in the treatment of nervous system disorders in humans. But that alone is not enough. Modern therapeutic techniques recommend to accompany pharmacological treatment with dense psychological support: to surround the patient with care, to pay special attention to him, to please with tasty, fragrant, useful food, even to feed from hands. So in the case of a nervous breakdown in your pet should not immediately run to a cat shrink – with this trouble can be dealt by yourself at home. Take care of the necessary amount of entertainment; think about games with which the animal will be able to defuse emotional tension and give vent to the manifestation of hunting instinct. Remember: the game is a panacea for many cat troubles. What brings your pet the most joy? In addition to food – it is a game! All items designed for gnawing, braking, skating, shaking and grabbing satisfy not only the cat’s natural need to “hooliganism”, but also distract her attention from your carpets, furniture, shoes. Thanks to the games, the animal maintains physical shape, develops intelligence, does not yearn, does not get bored when he spends long hours alone in the daytime.

The household is filled with items suitable for hunting: toilet paper, paper bags, brushes, boxes, cabinets, Laundry baskets and so on. Every item that can roll, scratch or throw, will awaken even the most avid liebore fighting spirit and zeal. Look around you. Paper (in any case not polyethylene!) the package will certainly cause your pet great interest. The cat will enthusiastically greet the advent of cardboard boxes with cut out entrance or a cardboard tube. The desire to hunt will cause her ball of rustling wrapper, coil of thread, cork of wine, a ball of wool or a light spot, put on the wall of a flashlight – that is, everything that moves when touched (focus with a flashlight, of course, suggests an accomplice). Joint games long autumn evenings will not only rally your friendship, but also help the owner not to fall into the November melancholy.

Thus, if you want to make your pet was healthy "body and soul", should remember one thing: do not have a cat to entertain you and you cat.