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Prevention of psycho-emotional overstrain

Emotional tension is a psychophysiological state of the organism, which is characterized by adequate expression of emotional reactions. This state allows to fulfill the set goals and objectives in the best possible way. Prolonged being in emotional tension causes stress and a state of chronic fatigue. Factors that cause stress, a great many: it is a sharp sound, high or low temperature, fluctuations in atmospheric pressure, etc.

Psycho-emotional stress is an indispensable element of life of people in developed countries. All because of the accelerated pace of life and work with a shortage of time, as well as difficult interpersonal relationships.

Especially hard to perceive a person such situations that are out of his control. These include: the death of loved ones, natural disasters.

At the same time, science says that it is impossible to live without stress. Life is a constant source of change and the ability to adapt to them.

Stresses are divided into emotional-positive and emotional-negative. In everyday language, when we use the term “stress”, we usually mean the emotional-negative type.

I would like to share a few effective techniques to help you cope with stress.

Don’t let conflicts linger!

Try to resolve conflicts and misunderstandings as soon as possible. If you are completely focused on resentment, it is not possible to get out of stress. Try to understand exactly what kind of emotion you are experiencing. If it is about resentment, anger – tell the other person what you feel: “I am angry” or “I am offended” and explain the reason. Such honesty will avoid unpleasant consequences of incorrectly spilling out your emotions. After all, silencing the problem, we do not get rid of it, but only store anger inside ourselves.

Expressing your emotions, say as definite as possible what exactly led to rage, resentment.

Laugh! Smile! As often as possible!

It’s no secret that laughter is the best medicine. If you are fundamentally unsatisfied with something, it is necessary to either change either the situation or your attitude to it.

Hope for the best

If you expect trouble, more often than not it will happen. Because of anxiety and tension, your behavior changes, you mentally replayed the situation and unconsciously carry its image in front of you. Try a different, positive, perception of the world and you will help yourself reduce your stress.

Avoid being alone with your problems

Do not be afraid to announce to those around you that you have problems, or what, in fact, they are. Do not deprive yourself of friendly support, the ability to accept and understand another point of view, the feeling of elbow of your friend – it is very important.

Do sports

Pick up a sport that you like and a rival partner ideally. Exercise should be difficult enough so that the adrenaline that builds up when you are stressed is utilized to its fullest. If exercise is not enough, the excess adrenaline will make you irritable and nervous.

Eat right

A balanced, vitamin-rich diet will help increase your resistance to stress.

Maintain your healthy habits If you don’t have any, don’t be lazy to start them as soon as possible. Allow something to exist in your life that creates a sense of dimension and consistency.

Along with this, use the following techniques:

  • relax in all situations as soon as you feel something is throwing you off balance;
  • don’t hoard, release negative energy – through sports or direct conversation;
  • be sure to find time for pleasant little things and household chores;
  • talk to people close to you about difficult issues;

Try to fulfill these rules every day and after a while you will find that the events that used to knock you out of the rut, are not so terrible.


In July 2017, the music world was shaken by tragedy: the lead singer of the band Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, committed suicide. Almost none of his friends and colleagues guessed that the artist was depressed.

His widow launched a flash mob on the Internet after her husband’s death. The flash mob manifesto was a video shot 36 hours before Chester’s suicide. The video shows the singer goofing around, laughing and playing with his son. The bottom line is that no one recognized behind that mask the condition that was about to lead to self-destruction.

Following Bennington’s widow, thousands of Internet users posted their photos and videos, which at first glance do not say anything, but are in fact made during a period of severe depression or a few hours before the suicide attempt.

This action showed how urgent for the modern world is the problem of depression, its diagnosis and the understanding that this disease can lead to death.

Chester Bennington was 41 years old, with six children from two marriages. And at first glance he simply could not have had a reason for depression and suicide: fame, money, love – he had everything that others only dream of. Shortly before the tragedy, his band released a new album that instantly topped Billboard magazine’s top 200. And just a few days before his death Bennington was working in the studio and looked very cheerful.

He was the embodiment of the American Dream, the guy who went from being a troubled teenager and a salesman at Burger King to a global star. And that at only 23 years old!

Many people believe that depression requires a good reason: a life full of failures, the death of loved ones, tragedies on a universal scale. But the truth is that this is far from it. Just as the seasonal flu virus doesn’t pick you for your social status and success in your personal life, so depression doesn’t care who you are or how much money you made this year.

Despite his success and fame, Bennington has had mental health problems. There are reports on the Web that he was sexually harassed, bullied and beaten at school as a young man. The musician also admitted that he had tried all kinds of drugs and alcohol even before he was of age.

Now, after his death, there is plenty of information about how his mental health problems appeared as well. Chester was often hospitalized and even went on tour in a separate bus. But at the time, it seemed to many that his struggles with addiction only made the artist’s image more appealing, more dramatic.

And he sang openly about his problems: drugs, family quarrels, his parents’ divorce. It seemed part of rock culture, nobody thought it really mattered to the artist. Only after the singer decided to voluntarily leave this world did his fans begin to pick apart the songs he had written line by line. But everything was on the surface: “I don’t like what’s going on in my head… If I could slow everything down, let the problems go… I’m driving myself crazy.” Found one of the many interviews in which the artist admitted that thoughts of suicide have long visited him. But how many took it seriously? I don’t think so. Drama has long been a companion piece to the history of rock singers.

Suicide attempts are one of the most dangerous consequences of depression. According to statistics, 40 to 60 percent of all suicides on Earth are attempted by depressed people. At the same time, men are four times more likely than women, since men have traditionally been brought up in a system of values, where there is no place for emotions and tears. As a result, it is more difficult for them to share their experiences with loved ones and their condition often goes unrecognized. A man goes out the window and his wife or mother exclaims: “No way, he didn’t have a reason! Someone pushed him!”

A suicide attempt can also be the finale of such a condition as reactive depression, when a sudden catastrophe in life turns a person’s life into a meaningless existence, there is no energy left to overcome difficulties, to start a new path. All a person can do is take one single step. To nowhere.

According to official WHO statistics, depression is one of the most common mental illnesses. It affects more than 264 million people in the world. At the same time, everyone can be at risk of this disorder.

This disease is associated with genetic predisposition, and with psychosocial factors.

In our country, especially outside of big cities, to address for the psychological help to experts is not accepted, even ashamed. And the meaning of the word “depression” is distorted by misconceptions. This leads, among other things, to an increase in teenage suicides and even homicides (for example, when in severe post-natal depression a mother kills her children and herself).

Many harmful myths have formed around depression.

It is a delusion to think that depression is just a person’s unwillingness to “get a grip. And it is equally misleading to think that a bad mood and depression are synonymous.

Another common, but mistaken phrase about depression is: “But before no one knew depression, and nothing, lived a good life. That’s not true. If people didn’t know about the disease, it doesn’t mean that it didn’t exist.

Depression has been known throughout the written history of mankind.


This type is just a walking example of how impressionability and a developed imagination can interfere. As a child, it willingly draws the image of SOMEONE WHO is HIDING UNDER the BED, and also lurks in the toilet at night or just lurks around the corner — it’s clearly not with the purpose of jumping out and announcing to you that you have won a prize as the most obedient child, and now you will be generously and thoughtfully gifted. As they grow up, impressionability acquires a rich experience and fears wander behind it, undergoing evolution no worse than Darwin’s, and no longer hide in dark corners, but flash among the figures of a new team or envelop the upcoming test, exam or (God forbid!) with a thunderous haze the commission.

In childhood, these are good girls and boys, they obey and love their parents, do not make noise, quietly play something quiet again. If the parents have scolded, they do not snap back, but grieve, which does not cancel the love and affection for them. The same thing happens later: if only well-known, not noisy and not quarrelsome guys studied at school, and the volume level of the institution could be lowered three times, then studying would be a real pleasure. Yes, and also cancel the exams and do not call to the blackboard, otherwise you stand there, answer, and everyone LOOKS at you and THINKS something to themselves. And, God forbid, something bad or for an upstart is being held; I’d rather answer worse than I know.

They grow up to be moralists and self-flagellators rather than pofigists and cynics. Moreover, the strictest rules and assessments are applied primarily to themselves, from which they give birth to hosts of inferiority complexes — well, how can you save the world with hands on which hair grows from masturbation? How to sow good, reasonable, eternal with such a face and ears? The surplus of these complexes could be vaccinated to state and political figures for preventive purposes, if it were not for the fear of mass resignation and beheading of the country.

Knowing a lot of real, and even more-imaginary shortcomings, they can try to hide them behind the role of a seasoned and life-worn pretzel, while maintaining a vulnerable nature inside, which no, no, and will appear through the mask of a brave sailor. Therefore, do not be surprised if, instead of applying a three-story greeting to a sailor, you will find him sobbing on your shoulder, politely and humbly wise “how hard it is for you, probably”.

Booze, cigarettes? Yes, please, as much as possible — this is not only a harm to health, but also an irreparable blow to karma, and where else to replenish the vessel of accumulated sins — so figs, figs… With the opposite sex, too, at first there are certain difficulties (I am not worthy, sex without great and pure love will turn me into an animal, flirting and courtship is a deception, as they do without anesthesia and in general — as a living person…), but in the end, as in a fairy tale, good wins over reason, and everyone lives for a long time, regularly and happily.

At work, representatives of this type are unlikely to be senior managers due to the very concept of leadership that is repugnant to them, but as performers they are often invaluable: moral considerations will not allow them to cheat. Again, these are employees who are disgusted by the very concept of lying…


So, a psychasthenic hero could stand in heavy thought for a day or two, gnawing his fist in a gauntlet and tormented by the problem of choice. And when he had ridden the chosen road, he would first spit over his left shoulder in a special way, put a fig behind his back, force the spat-out heroic horse to take the first step with his right front foot, and then he would go, avoiding all the branches that fell on the road and avoiding the black cats and dogs.

Difficulties with the choice haunt these people since elementary school. The presence of three pairs of shoes can be fatal for the working schedule, and the restaurant menu will kill the desire to ever come there again-unless the partner relents and orders everything himself. If you had sternly ordered-they say, choose this or that, otherwise I will shoot you-you would have first steamed to wait, and then you would have been timidly asked: and will they shoot with a Kalashnikov or will they prefer the M16A3? Will the caliber be 7.62 or 5.56? And they will shoot in bursts or…

Representatives of this type tend to worry and wind themselves up about any upcoming crap, up to the usual trip to the store: what if there will not be such a favorite cigarettes of such a company and with such a fragrance? For all that, the already accomplished mischief is perceived surprisingly philosophically. But to look into horoscopes and even more so to go to a fortune teller is categorically contraindicated for them.

Perhaps this anxious and trembling expectation of something vile in its bright future gives rise to a string of obsessive fears, coupled with rituals to overcome them. So they jump through the cracks in the asphalt (God forbid to step on it!), climb the stairs with the right foot, and the preparation for the trip to the exam will be the envy of any combat necromancer who is going to war. Moreover, neither your own health (as in an astheno-neurotic friend), nor the attitude of others to your dear self (as in a sensitive comrade) is of such great importance as the foggy, full of imaginary dangers, worries and unresolved problems of the FUTURE.

Indecision can also manifest itself in the choice of your future family happiness, and here it is important to take the type by the hand and explain that happiness is here, it is in front of you, and there is no longer any question of democracy and freedom of choice from this moment on: we will still be happy, and amba! Such a miracle is unlikely to get drunk, except that you will get indecisive and reasoning-but this is a matter of taste…

In order not to stall the production process, having a psychasthenic subordinate, it is not necessary to give him tasks that have more than one solution method. Or, as an option, it makes sense to publicly anathematize the other ways and ways and brand them as not corresponding to the party line.


If we return to the naval theme, this character is most reminiscent of the destroyer “Shkodlivy”, grinning in an unauthorized absence under the noise of staff exercises, while the authorities indulge in the excesses of highly intelligent boss intrigues and multi-ship, and went to the nearby ports in search of gulbisch, merrymaking, ruddy girls and simple bruising.

Also, if you turn to the engineering-sapper epic, you can extract from the depths of memory a character who is looking for mines, holding his ears with his fingers and stomping his foot hard. And if the labile companion has a backlash and variability in mood, then the unstable one has all the problems that rest on behavior and, in the absence of strict control, turn into an insistent search for pleasure for the restless soul and, accordingly, adventures for the long-suffering ass. The mood in this case does not play a significant role and is rather a consequence of a successful prank or an experience of a portion of lullabies for a failed one. Definitely spoils from the prospect of hard work. No less clearly creeps up at the first sign of freebies.

The search for entertainment, pleasure and other hedonistic components is devoted and subordinated to all the time, which, due to an oversight, parents, wife or superiors did not have time to strictly regulate. Hence the cigarettes in elementary school, and the alcohol, and (God forbid!) drugs in the middle school, and minor hooliganism — and not from criminal motives, but for the sake of courage or “weakly”. On weakly, by the way, they are conducted lightly, and if the hysteroid self-cuts appear to show someone something, the cycloid – in the fig-subdepressive phase, then the unstable companion-most likely, as a result of podnachek. He thinks of himself as at least a character in Garik Sukachev’s song “And I recognize the cute one by the gait”, although on closer inspection he looks more like Merry or Pippin from “The Lord of the Rings”. Especially in the film adaptation. Especially in the Goblin translation.

At school and at the institute, students will study more or less diligently only under the strict inquisitorial supervision of parents and teachers, with the readiness of the supervising party to use the entire arsenal of dimly gleaming tools of persuasion and coercion, because the method of personal example does not work. And the coals of the brazier should be constantly fresh, and the firewood dry. And it is also desirable to remember about “weak”. I almost forgot: representatives of this type will be well given items and knowledge that allow you to commit an innocent (more or less) prank.

At the appointed hour, after the wedding procedure and a couple of days of mass alcohol and food madness, the keys to the torture room are solemnly transferred from the parents to the loving half. Here, more than ever, the continuity of methods and a common ideology is important, so that the marital bedroom does not turn into a factory for the production of pantocrine or, God forbid, a baklaboratory of a specific orientation. Again, it will be useful to explain what its halves are, happiness, generously peppering the speech with quotes like “ordnung hubert alles” and “freedom is a conscious necessity”. The ideal of life for them is the permanent social gathering of a young rentier. Since the cruel reality does not imply a sudden death of an anonymous, but terribly rich and thoughtlessly philanthropic relative in the near foreseeable future, one has to get a job that is considered a cruel misunderstanding, especially in terms of the ratio of labor and moral costs to monetary insult, therefore, the willingness, if not to quit, then to cheat far exceeds the readiness of the Homeland to retaliate with a thermonuclear strike against the alleged enemy. If fate is still worthy to present him with a gift in the form of a boss’s chair, then this type is completely devoted to the moral side of his position, delegating authority and getting started exclusively on “weak”.


If you can say “mood person” about someone — it’s about them. In the morning, I was in a great mood, I was going to work, I loved the whole world, but as soon as a flying pigeon in the act of aiming defecation slightly missed and hit our hero — and that’s all, a drop of organic matter put an end to the episode of humanity. A knight of the order of militant misanthropes came to work, secretly dreaming of punching someone in the eye. Well, well-well-send it away. Well, if you’re going to be nauseatingly objective, it’s not out loud, but in your head.

But the process of work distracts the newly minted paladin from gloomy thoughts, in which there are colleagues, superiors and scenes of beheadings with him in the role of the performer; the prospects are more pleasant-a cozy apartment, a loving wife, cold beer-and again the mood tends to the mark “cloudless”. Who else would have shot a pigeon…

This type is somewhat similar to the cycloid. The difference is in the speed and ease of changing the mood. With all this, emotions and feelings are bright, expressed, deep, there is no talk of superficiality and frivolity here. They don’t change friends and loved ones right and left, no. They prefer to please those who are there with mood changes. Friends and loved ones, remembering such a sweet zest, also do not get very angry. For they know that it is enough to hug and kiss (if a loved one) or offer to give up on everything and drink quantum satis (if a friend) — and the person will be transformed. In the right direction, the main thing is not to confuse. With parents, too, deep and insoluble conflicts, as a rule, do not arise, especially since the vast majority of people of this type in childhood often suffered from all sorts of colds and other infectious sores and perfectly remember who took care of them, sick and unhappy, took care of them.

They are not prone to delusions in the assessment of themselves, their loved ones. As well as in the assessment of others — they feel them more intuitively than logically, because most often it is true. It is unlikely that you will find among them fans of collecting or stubborn hobbits — not that state of mind. If such a person is subordinate to you, remember: praise and encourage! Then the mountains will be rolled up for you and, as a bonus, the hills will be rolled up.


Probably the very first version of Adam, until the Lord got bored. For the most part, such people are accumulators of maxims, conservative ideas, popular opinions, established fashion and stamps, stamps, stamps — a kind of press — forging production in a brain factory. A sort of Vasily Alibabaevich: “Everyone ran — and I ran.” The ideal consumer of a mass product and a feed base for the advertiser. The sacred belief in the power of the printed word is not inferior to the effect of the unprintable word on these types. They firmly believe in the healing power of everything that is printed in the “Healthy lifestyle”, which leads to the exhausted despair of the employees of the more traditional and less inclined to experiment with the precious life of health care. On a popular TV show or, God forbid, a favorite TV series, they react more abruptly than banderlogs to the whisper of a hungry Kaa. And at the same time-good and loyal friends who do not pull you to feats, do not force you to participate in actions in the name of something and protests to anything, do not use friendship as a step in their career ladder. Cozy and plush. They won’t sit around and egg you on. Soft and fluffy. This is the main character from “Irony of Fate”. The cement of the collective, since they perceive friction and conflicts as the height of the harvest in the area of their own genitals, therefore, they try to extinguish them even at the first signs of the sickles being extracted. If you drink something because drinking companions from the team, not to fall out of the General background; if you listen to rap it because of all the classmates listen, and that’s cool; length hair is also correlated with the level of Orthodoxy.

From quite obedient children grow up quite obedient husbands and wives, who are unlikely to ever abandon their half on their own: figs, figs, for whom the intoxicating feeling of freedom, and for them-the chilling vacuum of open space, under the heel, though tight, but cozy, and most importantly — familiar.

Unlikely to be the first to leave their homes in search of a better life; however, it is worth “Into the city!” “To Moscow!”, “Israel!” or “Canada!” to take the mass in their environment, the nature, the mood becomes suitcase, distant relatives of these places suddenly nearer and dearer, and the probable point of destination suddenly enveloped by a haze of sweet dreams.

For all that, they are the bulwark of peace and stability, the buffer for revolutionary-extremist ideas and fiery-psychopathic comandantes, which does not allow progress to grow to amazement and fan a world fire on the mountain of all the bourgeois. Again, the number of human particles in the passion state should be at least partially balanced by stationary ones, otherwise it will just turn out to be weapons-grade plutonium. Someone has to plow the land peacefully.

In terms of work, by the way — he is an ideal performer or a middle-level official. Due diligence, due deference, zealous observance of traditions. The main thing is that the company does not rush to change the production of swords for plowshares, sewing for soap, horseradish for radish and so on.

The Hysteroid Type

Remembering the alleged dialogue, where Stanislavsky exclaims “I don’t believe it!”, and Nemirovich-Danchenko beats his chest and assures “I’ll be a reptile!”, I want to say: we need to recruit hysteroids to the theater. And in the movies. And on the stage. Then the person will be in place, his egocentrism will be completely satisfied, and his demonstrativeness will be directed in the right direction, and no one will suffer.

In fact, from a general-hysteroid, you should expect concern about your appearance — whether the jacket fits well, whether the awards are clearly visible to others from this angle, how much more beautiful it is to fall to the ground if a stray bullet suddenly arrives (oh, how tragic!). The hysteroid cosmonaut will bring the Mission Control Center to a white heat with video reports with his heroic face in the foreground, and from the spacewalk he will arrange such a fashion show that it will go down in the annals of manuals for models. Along with two hundred and fifty-six frames of “Me and my little ship against the background of the old woman-Earth”. A hysterical plumber will make your whole family watch the sacred process of skilfully replacing the toilet. The hysterical shahid … stop, stop, stop. There are no hysteroid shahids in nature. Still, he loves himself more than Allah, and the sight of himself in fragments against the background of the landscape is shocking, but unsightly, and the main viewer will be absent.

The egocentrism of the hysteroid can only compete with its own demonstrativeness and can shake our ideas about the laws of gravity: what a planet, what a Sun, when we have such a supernova here! Therefore, do not wait for completed suicides-well, except for an unfortunate misunderstanding: the audience did not arrive in time, the dose of pills was really big, the rope was too strong, and the stool was too shaky, the cut was too deep, the windowsill, infection, slippery — fate also has a sense of humor. But attempts are likely to be made. Because of the lack of understanding and callousness of others, unrequited love (opera theater, she didn’t even notice me!), because of the lack of attention as such. And suicide notes. Yes, before committing suicide, he will wash himself, shave wherever he needs to, make up and do his hair: what if the doctor of the resuscitation team is of the opposite sex?

Having drunk in the company of the least, the hysteroid will be the most intoxicated and strange. Of all those who have tried the forbidden stuff, he will be the most difficult to insert, and he will certainly inform these others about it. If we are talking about a hobby, then it will be one that will fully reveal the uniqueness of Comrade Sumkin.

Speaking of suggestibility and hypnosis ability, it can be noted that, in contrast to the HYSTERICAL, she is present when a strategically important and could give the right impression. If you need to show yourself a persistent tin soldier, then the passes and formulas of immersion in trance will not work: look how well I did!

The chosen ones of the opposite sex are looked after according to the principle “so that it is not a shame to appear in public”. The ideal bedroom — mirror, mirror… And a cheering “it was just amazing, you’re GREAT!”. For complete happiness — ovations and shouts of admiration from behind the wall and greedily interested looks of OTHER people’s halves for the next day and from now on. Having got used to the idea that his half, all so sudden, like diarrhea, and not reflected in any mirror, like a vampire, will leave at any moment — with his external data and the fibers of the soul, the entire opposite sex is just waiting to pounce and tear at souvenirs — the fact that the half, exhausted by this severe form of narcissism, left him first, can plunge the hysteroid into sincere perplexity: HOW??? ME??? I HAVE SOMETHING FOR THAT??? Then there may be scenes worthy of Shakespeare and Byron, with hand-wringing, attempts to drink poison and kill yourself against the wall, with death lyrics-in order to return and throw yourself.

The most likable character-a hysteroid — is, in my opinion, Carlson.

If, due to some fatal misunderstanding, the hysteroid did not find his way to the stage, but got lost and ended up in the position of your boss, remember: no flattery will be superfluous. To admire, to take photographs and portraits to remember! “You have such feathers, you have such horns, your hooves are very slender and a good soul!” If a subordinate does not get to the stage, do not put him for paper work or work involving loneliness — he will wither, wither and will hang around the corridors in mute reproach. Give him a chance to shine in public, hold a symposium, organize a meeting or get-together, and be sure to emphasize the importance and weight of his contribution to the production process.

Hyperthymic Type

This is noticeable immediately and from afar. Even on Monday morning, when everyone is mentally and physically experiencing the excesses allowed to themselves and moaning with anticipation of a full working week, this infection will have a blooming appearance, disgusting cheerfulness and a murderously good mood. Moreover, he will try to raise it to everyone around him and sincerely wonder why he is sent everywhere. However, sincere and targeted wishes are not able to overshadow his radiant state of mind — at least for a long time. As well as an excellent appetite and a good night’s sleep.

He gets to know others and converges with them from half a point, and the fact that for network marketing workers and “Jehovah’s Witnesses” there is a hemorrhoid and the subject of daily meditations is as natural for him as breathing. Or take a leak after a liter of beer. Speaking of alcohol. Someone drinks to dispel the melancholy. Someone to forget. This one drinks in company so that the others catch up with his euphoric-hedonistic level. Maybe, really, get carried away.

In the companies of friends most often leads — so much energy, enthusiasm and bad initiative can be found only in the lost control and long forgotten in orbit of the Soviet spy satellite on nuclear batteries. For the authorities, respectively, a constant source of anxiety and breathing in the back of the head against the background of a maddening image of a cheerful dolt, which is rushing.

As for interests and hobbies-they are there. There are many of them. The mind-blowing breadth of views, coupled with the lightness of thoughts, lead to the fact that yesterday’s Greenpeace activist today begins to collect guns and stuffed animals, and tomorrow — posters selected in fights with the “greens”. In general, ” drama club, photo club, and I also want to sing.”

He treats laws and by-laws as a misunderstanding that hinders a healthy initiative, and considers them only in a recommendatory aspect, which sometimes leads to mutual misunderstandings, also, however, unable to overshadow his brow for a long time.

Asthenic-neurotic Type

Imagine what Comrade Stalin would once have said to Semyon Mikhailovich Budyonny: “You will be, dear Comrade Budyonny, a psychiatrist. There are not enough good psychiatric personnel in the country. And the cadres, Semyon Mikhailovich batono, decide everything.” And I would have to mentally whisper to the swearing uncle to put on a white coat over the sword belt with a saber (where without it), change the felt pointed helmet for a cap (ugh, I’m sorry, God!) and treat the mournful with your head. And give lectures to students. And if you asked Budyonny what the asthenic-neurotic type of accentuation of character is, he would answer…

“Arab horse, fellow students. The same nervous, delicate soul and timid. Capricious, but beautiful. In the long gallop to put the do not can — no, more Yes trot gait, and if you want to gallop short spurts. And don’t let any of the bastards fire their guns next to you, or else get the rider out of here!” Such a … squiggle.”

So long-term loads for a representative of this type of death are similar-it does not matter whether they are physical or psychoemotional. It’s like an F-16 [60] without refueling in the air: it took off, did a dirty trick in order to maintain democracy — and to the base. Standing in queues, waiting for something, the prospect of monotonous work is immediately added to the list of tortures of special sophistication and try, accordingly, to avoid.

Such people are irritable. Not hot-tempered, like hypertimus (about which later) – they say that you are all exclusive here, and I am d’Artagnan; not angry with boiling, redness and steam from the ears, like an epileptoid, but more like a balloon: cotton-and a limp piece on a thread. Moreover, the ” pop ” can be loud, sudden and insignificant in appearance prick. At the same time, they are otkhodchivy, they can even cry on the shoulder of the newly cursed, but also for a short time. Sometimes they confuse their beloved half with this: he yelled, and in the end he has to be comforted, patted on the head and say that everything is fine.

Concerned about their health. Heart, headaches, short sexual intercourse-yes, you never know what, the main thing is to live for some crap. Therefore, they are very much loved by all kinds of healers — the main thing is that the treatment is short and clear. Long-term schemes and diets lead them to a state of sub-stupor, like Winnie-the-Pooh long words.

They are drawn to friends, but quickly get tired of noisy companies. Looking for peace-and quickly climb the wall of loneliness. Recalling the best years, they are surprised to note that they passed under the banner of chronic fatigue and permanent irritability. Making plans for the future, like the Arabs of Inshallah, repeat “if God gives you health.”

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