Geopresence (from the Greek. hypo — under, below and rgoah — note), i.e. low attention. It is represented by the following types:

Attrition — reducing the intensity of attention after a certain period of time, while active attention quickly exhausts itself, replacing passive. It’s like making a Sprinter run a marathon. Easier to shoot from considerations of humanity to the end of the first kilometer.

Attention distraction — deterioration of the ability to maintain focus for a long time, the ability to fix it on a given object; this reduces the total amount of attention. It’s like trying to get yourself together after a day of hard work.

Distraction — extreme mobility, rapid change of focus, concentration, intensity of attention with a decrease in its depth. Attention at the same time as if flutters from flower to flower. Or from water Lily to water Lily. Or jump on the supplied volume, the Brownian motion as a crowd of students during recess.

Giperprodukcia (from the Greek. hyper — over, over and prosexis — attention) — pathologically enhanced concentration of attention on individual objects, phenomena, thoughts or sensations, with enhanced predominantly passive, involuntary attention. Often this concentration is one-sided, aimed at what worries the patient most: his ailments, fears, ideas. Often accompanied by such a phenomenon as stiffness – when attention is inert, sticky, fixed, while it is difficult to redirect from one object to another. It resembles an aircraft carrier: a huge tonnage, mind-blowing weapons, but it is better to start dodging the coastal lighthouse with one caretaker and a Canary in advance.

Paraprotex (from the Greek. para — about, past and prosexis — attention) — perversion of attention. Perversion not in the sense that it is fixed on painful experiences, and that there is a discrepancy of expectation to result. How? Man is so intensely and anxiously waiting for some event that when it happens, he is simply not able to notice it. It’s like convincing yourself not to miss the approach of the train and eventually do a fascinating braking distance, evenly distributed over the landscape.

Aprosexia characterized completely turned off by both active and passive, and to attract it is not possible. Usually, this indicates quite a serious illness, unless you guru in Samadhi. However, it all too seriously, but for a different reason.

As a rule, attention disorders do not occur in isolation. They are part of the symptom complex of a wide variety of psychopathology.