This type is just a walking example of how impressionability and a developed imagination can interfere. As a child, it willingly draws the image of SOMEONE WHO is HIDING UNDER the BED, and also lurks in the toilet at night or just lurks around the corner — it’s clearly not with the purpose of jumping out and announcing to you that you have won a prize as the most obedient child, and now you will be generously and thoughtfully gifted. As they grow up, impressionability acquires a rich experience and fears wander behind it, undergoing evolution no worse than Darwin’s, and no longer hide in dark corners, but flash among the figures of a new team or envelop the upcoming test, exam or (God forbid!) with a thunderous haze the commission.

In childhood, these are good girls and boys, they obey and love their parents, do not make noise, quietly play something quiet again. If the parents have scolded, they do not snap back, but grieve, which does not cancel the love and affection for them. The same thing happens later: if only well-known, not noisy and not quarrelsome guys studied at school, and the volume level of the institution could be lowered three times, then studying would be a real pleasure. Yes, and also cancel the exams and do not call to the blackboard, otherwise you stand there, answer, and everyone LOOKS at you and THINKS something to themselves. And, God forbid, something bad or for an upstart is being held; I’d rather answer worse than I know.

They grow up to be moralists and self-flagellators rather than pofigists and cynics. Moreover, the strictest rules and assessments are applied primarily to themselves, from which they give birth to hosts of inferiority complexes — well, how can you save the world with hands on which hair grows from masturbation? How to sow good, reasonable, eternal with such a face and ears? The surplus of these complexes could be vaccinated to state and political figures for preventive purposes, if it were not for the fear of mass resignation and beheading of the country.

Knowing a lot of real, and even more-imaginary shortcomings, they can try to hide them behind the role of a seasoned and life-worn pretzel, while maintaining a vulnerable nature inside, which no, no, and will appear through the mask of a brave sailor. Therefore, do not be surprised if, instead of applying a three-story greeting to a sailor, you will find him sobbing on your shoulder, politely and humbly wise “how hard it is for you, probably”.

Booze, cigarettes? Yes, please, as much as possible — this is not only a harm to health, but also an irreparable blow to karma, and where else to replenish the vessel of accumulated sins — so figs, figs… With the opposite sex, too, at first there are certain difficulties (I am not worthy, sex without great and pure love will turn me into an animal, flirting and courtship is a deception, as they do without anesthesia and in general — as a living person…), but in the end, as in a fairy tale, good wins over reason, and everyone lives for a long time, regularly and happily.

At work, representatives of this type are unlikely to be senior managers due to the very concept of leadership that is repugnant to them, but as performers they are often invaluable: moral considerations will not allow them to cheat. Again, these are employees who are disgusted by the very concept of lying…