We often perceive celebrities as some kind of super-people. They look perfect in our eyes and we automatically assume they are absolutely happy considering they have everything – beautiful looks, money, fame and success. However, we forget that they are mere mortals like us, and that they have the same problems. They suffer, get sick and fight depression. However, these 10 stars, suffering or still fighting depression, serve as an example and inspiration for all of us.

Cara Delevingne

This 23-year-old beauty is not just a famous model: she has recently also successfully started her acting career. However, there was a moment in her life when she was ready to give up the future because of depression. Delevingne was diagnosed with depression when she was only 15 years old.

The young model believed that it is possible to find relief from pain in drugs. Last summer, she admitted in an interview with Vogue that at some point she even wanted to commit suicide. “I had constant suicidal thoughts, I didn’t want to live anymore,” Kara said in another interview. However, she pulled herself together and decided to start loving herself more – that’s how she managed to achieve what she has now.

Kerry Washington

We like to watch her main character in the popular TV series “scandal”, but this actress would like us to know that she suffered from depression, and is not going to hide it. Kerry was in serious trouble during College. She became depressed, which led her to an excessive obsession with food and exercise. Washington found solace in uncontrolled eating. And not to feel guilty, then she’d wear herself out in the gym.

Fortunately, it was noticed by her dance instructor who helped Kerry to understand that she needs treatment. But even after that, the actress from time to time experienced depression until in 2004, she miraculously escaped the tsunami and realized that life is good. Then she began to talk about how important it is to pay attention to mental problems.

Jon Hamm

John Hamm reached unprecedented heights in Hollywood after playing the role in the television series “Madmen”. He’s another celebrity suffering from depression in his youth, and like many other stars, he wants to clarify one thing: it’s not shameful to talk about.

When Hamm was only 10 years old, his mother died, and when He was 20, his father died. Unable to cope with the sorrow, young John was getting deeper and deeper into depression.

It was a classic case of the usual depression: I wanted to lie in bed all day and sleep until the evening. I had no desire to get up and do something.” However, he turned to the help of therapy and antidepressants that helped him to cope with the disease. The actor still has bad days, but he learned to deal with them.

Heath Ledger

Unfortunately, not everyone manages to win the battle against severe depression. A wonderful actor, the late Heath Ledger was one of those people. Although we may never know the whole truth about his death in 2008, it is believed that Ledger suffered from depression for a long time until he accidentally died of an overdose of a few drugs. His depression seems to have been exacerbated by his divorce from his wife and the love of his life, Michelle Williams.

However, the last straw for the disorder of the actor’s mental balance was the role of the Joker in the “Dark Knight”, for which he received a posthumous “Oscar”. During filming the actor began to suffer insomnia. “I couldn’t stop thinking. My body was exhausted, and my mind can not stop,” he complained a few months before his death.

Winona Ryder

Actress Winona Ryder has grown literally before our eyes. She went from one successful project to another, and everything she did became public. Such have become and its relations with other highly popular actor – Johnny Depp. And after the widely publicized breakup, her depression reached its climax. However, Ryder has suffered from bouts of anxiety and depression since she was 12 years old.

When she got the role of a mentally ill girl Susanna in the film “Interrupted life”, for her it was not just a role – this character reflected her life and struggle, and was an opportunity for her to show the world how depression looks, and how to deal with it. But after the actress reached the extreme, sleeping a cigarette in his hand and started a fire, the actress decided to seek professional help and undergo rehabilitation.

Lady Gaga

Known for her extravagant personality, flashy outfits and incredible voice, Lady Gaga is just a woman of flesh and blood who has been through a lot and wants to help others by sharing her experience. Recently, this successful singer said that as a teenager she went through a rape, and that she is still almost every day suffering from depression and anxiety attacks, with which she just now learned to cope.

I have suffered from depression and anxiety all my life, and now I feel them every day. I just want these kids to know that the depth they feel like people is normal. We were all born like this” says the singer, determined to show a positive picture to all teenagers going through problems. She believes that the most important thing is acceptance and love for yourself.

Halle Berry

One of the most beautiful and talented women walking on this earth, Holly berry is another celebrity who has gone through hard times. When her ex-husband, David Justice, told her that he wanted a divorce, she could not cope with the pain. The split of her marriage completely destroyed the self-esteem of the actress, and she briefly plunged into depression.

Then Holly got to a point where she was even ready to kill herself. However, already going to carry out his plan, she realized how selfish it is in relation to people who love her. “The fact that someone does not love me, does not mean that I am unloved,” -understood the actress. So she went through therapy, which helped her a lot, and just allowed time to heal her broken heart. Fortunately, more Holly berry did not return to such gloomy thoughts.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Can you imagine that strong guy, Dwayne Johnson, suffering from depression? However, it is, and there is nothing unusual. Depression can overtake each of us, and a strong appearance can hide a huge internal pain. However, the Rock wants everyone to know that he at some point suffered from this destructive state. When he was about twenty years old, his football career suddenly stopped. Although he was a super-successful College player, the NFL rejected him, and two months later his canadian team said goodbye.

The actor moved to live in the basement of his parents ‘ house: at this moment his life reached the lowest point. He felt lonely, regretting that no one had told him that everything would be fine. However, the Rock pulled himself out of this darkness, choosing a different direction – first wrestling, and then the actor’s path. Now he’s very popular, and wants his fans to know that “you’re not the first to go through this, and you’re not the last…”and also that” you’re not alone.”

Owen Wilson

Another star whose depression was easily overlooked, as it is a very bright and funny actor. However, in fact, many of the funniest and most positive comedians daily suffer from depression, and use humor to deal with it. Owen Wilson is one of those people: we used to see him in big screen comedies when, in 2007, we suddenly heard the news that Owen Wilson had attempted suicide.

For those who knew him, and who were aware that Wilson was very far from his screen characters, it was not surprising. In fact, the actor tried to cope with the burden of world popularity with drugs. In addition, just a few months before the failed suicide, he broke up with his girlfriend, actress Kate Hudson. Fortunately, Owen survived and was treated for depression. Now he is much better – he found happiness in communication with his two sons.

Demi Lovato

Young singer demi Lovato is at the peak of his career, and in fact she is only 23 years old. However, there was a time in her career when she completely lost control of her life. Since childhood, she was teased for being overweight, which led to serious disorders such as bulimia. She grew up a very troubled child, and only when her family asked for help to specialists, she learned that she had bipolar disorder.

I often with manic persistence took on the task, and said:” Yes, I can do it, I can.” I conquered the world, but then found myself completely broken, and felt even more depressed,” – described his condition demi. Medical treatment, family support, boyfriend and fans, healed her. Now the singer uses every opportunity to convince his fans not to hesitate to ask for help.