Disorders of drives (needs, instincts) can be manifested in the form of their pathological strengthening, weakening or perversion.

With the increased craving may be in the nature:

a) Intrusive — at the same time encourage the activities occur beyond the will of a patient when he realizes what attracted him in General that are alien, does not correspond to any moral values or interests, even criticism persists to this alien phenomenon, saying, not mine, not mine! A striking example is when alcohol dependence is just beginning to form, and a person feels that he would like to drink, but still realizes that this does not come from within, and he clearly does not agree with it.

b) Compulsive-impulses to activity in this case already dominate, they have destroyed at the root of the struggle of motives: why, when here it is, the desired, and it is vital to me (in other words, has a vital character), give it here! That is, if a drink is not just possible-it is NECESSARY. Ergo bibamus!

C) Impulsive — when wide horizons of consciousness was curled up in a mesh of sight, and the person who received the internal pendel (aka pulse) is taken up, without thinking: wait, wait… It just eliminates the annoying economic-geographical blunder: the money should be in the store, and alcohol — in the body.

The pathology of food craving:

Bulimia (Greek. bulimía from bús — bull and limós — hunger) — a strong irresistible craving for food, the constant feeling of hunger.

Anorexia (from Greek. an-without and orexis-urge to food) – lowering, the lack of appetite or aversion to food.

Parorexia, the perversion of food craving, manifested by eating of inedible substances (earth, lime), — paralexia pregnant peak, Kala (CE). One lady, being pregnant, and did prefer kerosene. It’s hard to say what she thought the husband, from time to time passing her in the hospital a bottle of the coveted fuel, but until the illegal supply of hydrocarbons is not stopped, the lady had to go through several miscarriages.