How to break out of a black hole Part 2

First, some statistics:

The world health organization (who) compares depression with an epidemic that has engulfed all of humanity: depression has already come to the first place in the world among the causes of absenteeism, the second – among the diseases that lead to disability.

Every year about 150 million people in the world lose their ability to work due to depression. Only the us economy, it causes annual damage of more than 50 billion dollars. This amount includes the cost of 290 million lost working days, psychotherapy and disability.

According to who forecasts, by 2020 depression will come out on the first place in the world among all diseases, having overtaken today’s leaders – infectious and cardiovascular diseases. Already today it is the most common disease that affects women.

According to studies conducted in the United States, people prone to depression are twice as likely to die from other diseases.

50 % of those suffering from depression do not seek medical care, and of the remaining only 25-30% get an appointment with a psychiatrist.

Unipolar depression is the leading cause of disability in the United States among children over 5 years.

Special studies have shown that 60 % of patients applying to clinics, detect depressive disorders of varying severity. Meanwhile, as a result of diagnosis by traditional medical methods, which are used in clinics, depression is determined only in 5% of all patients applying there depressive.

Depression is diagnosed in 22-33 % of hospitalized patients, 38 % of cancer patients, 47% of stroke patients, 45 % – myocardial infarction, 39 % – parkinsonism.

Not so long ago, the peak of depression was between the ages of 30 and 40 years, but today depression is sharply “younger”, and it often affects people under 25 years. Among those who were born before 1940, the number of people with depression before the age of 25 is 2.5%. Among those born in 1940-1959, this figure is already 10%. There is no accurate data for later years, but this trend continues to grow.

From 45 to 60% of all suicides on the planet are committed by patients with depression. According to forecasts, in 2020, depression will be the killer number 1.

A depressed person is 35 times more likely to commit suicide than someone outside of it. 50 % of people with endogenous depression and 20% with psychogenic commit suicide attempt. Every sixth it is possible.

The annual catalogue of new antidepressants reaches a thickness of 3 cm.

With a single episode of depression, the probability of relapse is 50 %, with the second – 70 %, with the third – already 90 %.

With depressive disorder, at least one of the spouses divorces occur 10 times more often than in ordinary families.

This book does not claim the status of scientific research, I will not describe in detail the causes and biochemical reactions behind the development of depression, complex mechanisms of action of psychotropic drugs used for its treatment. This is a look at depression from the inside, an attempt to tell about what a person feels, being in such a state, and, most importantly, that you can get out of depression, I did it, and therefore, you should get it.

This is not an easy way, there is no universal method or pill, drinking which could regain mental health. But, if you are among the people described by the soulless statistics in the above quote, the fight against depression should be your most important task, the meaning of life here and now, a goal without which you can hardly expect to achieve all the others.

Believe me, I know what I’m writing. I studied medicine for seven years at the Institute and had to spend another six years studying the problem of depression and methods of its treatment. You will not read this information in medical textbooks and drug instructions, your doctor will not tell you about it either. I am not bound by any shop obligations and am not going to defend my point of view before the ossified medical establishment. I recognize only one criterion-the result and ready for this criterion to withstand any tests and checks. Everything that is written here, I tried on myself, except psychedelics and electroshock, the first – in view of their illegality and absence of the psychotherapists having experience with them, the electric shock simply wasn’t necessary to me, I managed to jump off the train before arrival to this station.

Most of the therapeutic methods used for the treatment of depression, has a varying degree of effectiveness, and to achieve the optimal result requires a combination of them. Any psychiatrist will tell you that taking antidepressants should be combined with psychotherapy sessions. Unfortunately, this knowledge and recommendations of most specialists and limited. Rarely any psychiatrist will advise you to engage in meditation or gymnastics qigong. Even fewer specialists are familiar with the techniques of neurolinguistic programming, and almost no one in Russia knows about the primary therapy of Dr. Arthur Yanov.

There is no need to be afraid of the number of practices offered by me, there is no point in practicing them all. Some of them are described in order to avoid them and not to repeat my mistakes. The basis of my technique is the Primary therapy (primal therapy), developed by Arthur Yanov. I am convinced that without serious study of unconscious material it is very difficult to get rid of the true causes of depression, and I believe that Dr. Yanov’s methods are the most effective at the moment to achieve this goal.

This book describes my personal experience of getting out of depression, and I really hope that it will be useful for someone else. I know that you find it hard to believe that deliverance might know how tired you advice others to “pull themselves together”, the replica “you’re the man!”or “you’re a mother!”, “think about the children/parents/colleagues/interests of the company”, believe me, I went through all this nightmare.

But I would like to warn you. If you suffer from depression, you in any case should not engage in self-medication and perceive this book as an alternative to drug therapy and psychotherapy, on the contrary, the earlier you start treatment prescribed by a specialist, the more chances you will have to get rid of your problem forever. Another thing is that the book can help you in choosing a doctor, to understand the cause of your suffering, to save time and money that you could spend on all sorts of near-medical charlatans and, I very much hope to make the final step, to make a breakthrough to the final recovery.

I give practical advice and exercises that helped me get out of the black hole of depression.

If you, as well as I, unsuccessfully motalis from one specialist to another, if you are treated for all possible diseases in the world, until the present diagnosis, if you go to the pharmacy more often than the supermarket, if the number and color of the tablets already dazzled – this book is for you.

Remember-there is a way out.